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Touching handles is a thing of the past. Look&Wave is the first time that the toilet door can be operated touch-free for the first time: all functions are controlled both from inside and out via the LED sensor area. Simply hold your hand in front of the sensor and the toilet door opens, as in the fairytale of 1001 Nights. An innovative principle that inspires and ensures even more hygiene in the bathroom.

Application Look&Wave

Optimal visitor guidance. Intuitive operation.
The large LED displays with sensor area make it easy to find a free booth as soon as you enter the room. Optimal visitor guidance is made possible, especially in heavily frequented facilities. The LED sensor is operated intuitively.

Opening the door
The hand is simply held in front of the marked sensor area and the door opens.

Locking the door
No touch is required to lock the door either. Simply hold your hand in front of the sensor area in the cabin and the door closes and locks. Once locked, the LED indicator inside and outside turns red. This gives the user a sense of security and signals the occupied status outside.

Unlocking the door
By holding the hand in front of the sensor area, the lock unlocks and the door opens fully automatically.

Look&Wave technology
With Look&Wave technology, touch-free operation of the WC cubicle is possible for the first time. Look&Wave thus offers a holistic hygiene concept in the sanitary area in combination with other sensor systems for e.g. WC flushing, water tap or soap dispenser. What remains is a pleasantly clean feeling of hygiene for satisfied users.

Germ and bacteria transmission is reduced to a minimum by the Look&Wave technology!


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