toilet doors.

Ensure permanent
hygiene in the
sanitary room.


Best sanitary hygiene in pandemic times:

Contactless into the WC cubicle - we make it possible!

No more touching WC door handles! No germs transmitted! Using a toilet facility today with an all-round clean and hygienic feeling is possible, thanks to the Look&Wave technology. It ensures optimal surface hygiene. An innovation that moves with the times and more than exceeds current hygiene standards. 

The transmission of germs is reduced to a minimum.

In highly sensitive areas such as laboratories, hospitals and care facilities, Look&Wave is the first choice.

But also in heavily frequented places with a high user density, such as schools, universities, airports, service areas, railway stations or exhibition halls, the transmission of germs is significantly reduced by using the contactless WC door opening.

In the realisation of new sanitary facilities, as well as in the renovation of existing ones, the factors of hygiene and germ reduction have top priority nowadays.

With Look&Wave you are on the safe side. This innovative technology is an investment in a maximum hygienic user experience. Look&Wave combines design, convenience, and germ prevention in one product. Simply ensure long-term hygiene in the sanitary room and benefit from an innovative principle that inspires users and ensures even greater cleanliness in the sanitary area.

For the first time, it is now possible to create complete contactless sanitary rooms in combination with touch-free WC doors, fittings, WC flushes as well as soap and towel dispensers. Look&Wave is the missing piece of the puzzle for an uncompromisingly hygienic WC experience in the sanitary room


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