Stylish, elegant and on top a long-term hygiene in the sanitary area.

Finally no more WC door handles touch and now be protect against germs! Thanks to Look&Wave technology, your guests, customers and employees can now use a toilet facility with an all-round clean and hygienic feeling. Look&Wave ensures optimal surface hygiene. An innovation that moves with the times and meets current hygiene standards more than expected. 

This is why the Look&Wave technology is also directly available for various types of WC partition walls from Schäfer. You have the choice: room-high WC partition wall or classic system type! Both versions are available with the innovative door opening.

Now you can easily ensure long-term hygiene in the sanitary room! Benefit from an innovative feature that inspires users and contributes to the prevention of germs in the sanitary room.

You can set an example of outstanding hospitality to your customers, guests and employees and ensure long-term hygiene in your sanitary rooms.

Product overview

WC partition EF-3 ALTUS with touchless door opening

EF-3 ALTUS is a class of its own. The flush fronts of the room-high unit extend from floor to ceiling. This creates a private area of its own for the users. In combination with the innovative Look&Wave technology, visitors can open and close the toilet door without contact. view product >

WC partition SVF30/S ALTUS with contactless door opening

The entry-level segment of room-high WC partitions with Look&Wave technology. This type of partition wall is made of 30 mm thick melamine coated chipboard composite elements with 0.8 mm thick laminate on both sides and closed to the ceiling. The fronts of the cubicles are flush with the surface. Only the LED sensor area of the contactless door opening is placed on the door. view product >

WC partition EF-3 with contactless door opening

EF-3 stands for highest perfection in WC partition wall construction. The outstanding design inspires. The wide range of colours gives the room countless design possibilities and with individual motif prints, each WC partition wall is even unique. With the integrated touch-free door opening, EF-3 even surpasses current hygiene standard. view product >

WC partition SVF30 with contactless door opening

SVF30 is made of 30 mm thick melamine resin coated chip composite elements. The ABS edgings are in the same color as the panel. Fast cleaning, effective edge protection, an attractive design and the contact-free door opening are convincing arguments for this WC partition wall. to the product. view product >

Are you looking for further high-quality solutions for your WC facility? Find out more about our entire product range here. We have the right WC partitions in our portfolio for every taste and budget. Whether glass WC partitions, a room-high WC partition system or special child-friendly WC partitions for kindergartens - you are sure to find what you are for with one of our products and receive your WC partition systems "Made in Germany" directly from the manufacturer. 

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