WC partition EF-3 ALTUS with Look&Wave technology.

This stylish room-high WC partition wall combines two first-class components: on the one hand, its ceiling-high construction creates maximum privacy and, thanks to the touch-free door opening, it leaves users with an all-round clean feeling. A perfect combination, which offers the customer a maximum of comfort and well-being and will be remembered very positively.

Product features and application for WC partition EF-3 ALTUS Look&Wave:

  • Made of 36 mm thick sandwich elements with HPL surface
  • Room-high solution for maximum privacy
  • Doors, front walls and dividing walls are closed from floor to ceiling
  • Constructible in a single piece up to a height of 2,800 mm
  • Suitable for dry rooms
  • Completely flush-mounted fronts
  • Internal hinges
  • LED sensor is embedded flush into the surface
  • Especially easy to clean and maintain
  • Contactless door opening reduces germ transmission to a minimum
  • Wide range of decors and colors available
  • System will be produced acc. to the building site dimension
  • Made in Germany
  • Type-tested and certified by TÜV NORD
    Registration No. 44 780 14148802
  • Tested and certified by TÜV NORD: Conformity with the following European directives: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC 
    Registration No. 44 789 14148801
Flush-mounted sensor

The energy-saving LED sensor is flush mounted in the front elements. This creates a completely flush surface on the inside and outside of the cubicle, which is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Hidden cable routing

Kabel routing 
The cables for the power supply and the control elements run inside the WC partition wall construction and are therefore not visible either on the outside or inside of the cubicle. An elegant solution that leads to the flush finish of the EF-3 ALTUS WC partition wall on both sides.

Internal hinges

Internal hinges 
The aluminium pivot hinges of the EF-3 ALTUS WC partition wall are embedded in the door rebate and have an integrated finger trap protection on the hinge side. 

Features of LOOK&WAVE technology available for following products:

Producttypes Flush-mounted Sensor at the front Hidden cabel routing inside the cabin  Internal hinges
  Flush-mounted sensor Hidden cable routing Internal hinges


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